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A popular misconception is that shopping carts handle the whole financial transaction, but they only really act as a front end which passes information via a secure connection to a payment gateway – a separate service altogether. The payment gateway service then channels the requests and transfers throughout relevant financial networks, including the Internet business account with your bank. It then sends back confirmation or rejection back to the shopping cart software. Throughout more than a decade building success online businesses, we have yet to come across a searchable database driven ecommerce shopping cart solution that provides individual product pages ranking high in major search engines. Sure the home page may appear once in while, but the actual products may not. See for yourself how our SEO ecommerce shopping cart software can help increase your rankings, increase your traffic and increase your sales. Our revolutionary ecommerce shopping cart software is changing the way businesses flourish online. While roughly 80 percent of online companies will go out of business due to a lack of customer traffic, our clients are building profits. Attaining high visibility on search engines for your company website and products pages is critical to success. The Dynasols shopping cart is the only true search engine friendly ecommerce shopping cart available in the market today. We are proud to offer Ecommerce Marketing Service that has been carefully engineered to excel in every aspect of development and operation. The Dynasols shopping cart includes major features from web services to multiple store capability and provides quality minor details from varying page extensions to links per page. New features are constantly being added, both large and small to insure that our shopping cart services remain the most effective SEO Ecommerce Software Solution. The Dynasols shopping cart provides all the features offered by popular online shopping carts. However, our ecommerce shopping cart software also provides necessary seo optimization elements needed to be visible to all search engines. Dynasols generates individual static html pages containing keywords for the Meta tag description, Meta tag keyword, title, header etc., specifically for each product and regular website pages.


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